Why do I travel?

“Live in the past, if you want to be sad. 
Live in the future, if you want to be afraid.
But if you want to be happy, live every single moment.”
If you are a person who is travelling you will often asked why you do travel. It isn’t a ‘normal’ thing to give up things just for travelling, but for some persons – like me – it isn’t just a passion to travel – it is a kind of lifestyle.
There are many reasons for me, why I know I really want to travel and why I travel and not just want to go on vacations.

1. Find myself 

Since I am able to think, I feel like I am always searching for something. I never felt like really belonging to a place. Of course, I love my home and my family and friends, but I never felt really having arrived in my life. The first time I felt that travel is more for me than just going on holiday was when I was 15 years old in 2007 when I was ‘just’ on holidays on Crete with my best friend an her parents. I felt that I have felt better than in Germany and it was another feeling than just to be on a vacation. I felt more like myself. And then, every time I was in a foreign country, just for holiday, I knew that there is more in myself. So, I decided to do a study with two semester study abroad and planned to go to Australia for one year. And now, since I am here, I feel that this was the best decision in my life. I love this country and I’m looking forward to every trip I can do here. It is ‘just’ a study abroad and I have to study here and I am the most of the time on the same place, but I feel the happiness if I think about the next travel, the next trip which is planned. And every time, I was on a trip, I felt better and more like myself. Since I am here, I get to know myself in different ways and better than before. I know who I am and, especially, who I want to be. I don’t need to be someone else, I know I just have to be myself. That’s enough – and I just have this feeling while I am travelling.

2. See the world with all its facets

The world has so many places and you will never see all of it. There are so many countries with all different cultures, people and things. If you are travelling, you will get part of it. You get to know new countries with their different cultures. If you are travelling, you are not just going on a vacation, you get to know the world more. If you are just enjoying holidays, it is just like you are a stranger. Of course, this is normal, but if you are travelling and you are more than just a few weeks at one place, you will get to know the people and their cultures better and deeper, you will get part of it. This is why I prefer travel that much.

3. Make new experiences

Travelling means to get to know yourself in many different ways. You learn new things about yourself, but about foreign things as well. You learn new things to do like doing kind of extreme sports (diving, skydiving, bungee jumping etc. – if you are doing these things), speaking a foreign language the whole time (maybe learn a new language while travelling), living with as less things as possible, making new friends all over the world, and further more. And these experiences which you have made will be in yourself for your whole life and will make you a better person as you are topically. You will see the world with different eyes, will be more tolerant and will know what is really important in life and what is not.

4. Feel the real life

You know, life isn’t just a fairy tale. Life is hard, every day. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, if you are at home, going to work every day, live your life with husband/ wife and children or if you are on a journey. But if you are just ‘at home’, you will never feel the life outside your comfort zone. Life is more than just the same day every fu***** day. Life means to feel the air on your skin, to breathe as deep as you can, to laugh deep out of yourself with all your heart, TO FEEL THE LIFE. Honestly, when was the last time, you felt really alive? If you don’t know, just change anything. I don’t say, you need to go away from your home to travel. But, I am talking for myself, I know that this was exactly I needed to do to feel alive. And even I am ‘just’ studying here and I am the most of the time on the same place, it feels better for me now. I know what I have done, that I am in a foreign country, over 14,000km away from my home, and I feel better than any time before.

5. Deep love to the nature

Since I decided to do my studies in Environmental Science, I know how important the nature is for me. It’s not a thing everybody can understand, but for me it is neccessary and important to protect the nature – even my work will be for the next generations and not for myself. But while travelling I have seen why it is important to save it. I have seen so many places here in Australia which are definitely worth it to be obtained. I love the nature and its beauty and every single place needs to be protected.

6. Wanderlust instead of homesickness

A lot of people have got homesickness while they are away from home. I don’t know that. Of course, I need to know how it is with my parents and friends, and sometimes I really miss them, but I never really felt like wanting to go home. Instead of this, every time when I am home, I feel the wanderlust in myself. And while I am travelling I feel very good.

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